27th April 2016



As things are progressing closer to the beginning of the triathlon season, my type of training has been changing. I have been focusing a lot more on weigh for building muscle rather than endurance training to improve my cardio training.

The reason I’ve been trying to maintain muscle mass and build strength is so that I will have an advantage during the cycle and run stages of the sprint distance. The idea being that the increase in strength will allow me to excel in the stages where other competitors had been training more cardio exercises in the off season. I’m hoping that over this distance it will be more down to strength and speed rather than endurance.

Over the past 4 months my weight has fluctuated drastically. In January I put on 6kg in one month, only to lose it in fat and excess weight over February and March.

I am now at a maintainable weight for my height and am training hard to be able to progress well at the up-coming races. This year I have 3 races lined up, at various locations in the UK, and I hope to do well in all of them. Things are looking good so far!

14th March 2016


“I believed that triathlons were only for the super fit”

I was very skinny when I was 16 so started going to the gym when I was in my final years of secondary school. I always wanted to get big and bulky, spending countless hours at the university gym “pumping iron” but there was a huge flaw in my plans… DIET and CARDIO.

These two things play an immense role in self-development. I needed to have a much more balance exercise and dietary routine. What sort of cardio could I do that was still fun? I had always had a deep desire to attempt a triathlon but I had no idea how to train for it, nor did I know anyone who had competed in one.

I believed that triathlons were only for the super fit; those who would swim the English Channel and run marathons every month just for fun! Having not been a strong swimmer, a powerful cyclist or a fast runner, I knew trying to complete a triathlon was something that would not be easy. This was a challenge I was well up for and after only 3 months of training I competed my first triathlon. It was hard work but it definitely paid off. The feeling afterwards was so rewarding and unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

By now I was hooked. I realised that triathlons are not impossible! Since then, as well keeping up my regular gym routine, I’ve competed in dozens of triathlons and pushed my limits more than I thought I ever could.

This year at the London Triathlon, I am setting myself the target of finishing in the top 5 for my age group and top 25 overall (for non-elites!). The next few months are going to be extremely hard work as I try to shave time off wherever I can. Wish me luck…