27th April 2016



"It feels way too hot…I’m sweating like I’ve been in a sauna for 3 days." 

​My head hurts, I’m wheezing worryingly, I’ve got mucus building at the back of my throat, for no reason my shoulder aches, and I’m breathing so loud I can’t hear Major Lazor’s Differentology blaring out of my headphones. But it’s OK I tell myself, I’m sure all budding ‘athletes’ feel like this in the first mile of a run… Training has begun!

Now that friends & family have stopped chuckling about us doing the triathlon in the first place, they’re starting to ask more worrying questions about our training regimes. So far our response has been pretty limited… ‘a…what?’, ‘what’s that?’, ‘Oh…er…working on it’. But now, spurred on by tales of unready sportspeople hitting the wall on mile 5, we’ve come together to devise a rigid programme to stick to. Again, as triathlete virgins, it’s a rather basic plan of one swim, one cycle and one run a week.

"No lengths or timings were discussed, that would just be demoralizing…"

Already it’s been tough maintaining such a huge physical demand on our doughy, unready physiques. See above for what it means for us to ‘go for a run’, but the hope is that improvement is imminent. Being honest we haven’t been too rigid with ourselves… rather too often the Sunday afternoon ‘Big Run’ has succumbed to Ben & Jerry’s, Catan and Brooklyn 99, but nonetheless it feels good to have a plan!

16th March 2016

“YOU lot are doing a triathlon?!”

There are two ways in which people react when the three of us mention we’ve signed up to do the Olympic Distance at the prestigious AJ Bell London Triathlon:

The first comes from those who have some sort of prior endurance sport experience - they tend to boast the times they’ve previously clocked along with a titbit of generic advice we kind of already knew but still heartily thank them for such as, “Just keep putting one foot in front of the other”. This tends to make us anxious. The times they reference tend to be the lengths of time we would relate to getting out of bed on the weekend, rolling to the kettle, crawling to the fridge and standing in the shower.

The second are those friends who, after trying to hold back and failing, have a little laugh at our expense and turn the statement we’ve just made into a question that they reword at least three times - “YOU lot are doing a triathlon?!”, “So, a whole triathlon?”, “Wait, you are actually doing it… a triathlon?” . It’s as if they think we’re going to buckle under their interrogation and confess that we were lying the whole time for attention or something.

Does this second reaction hurt our feelings a little? Sure, but in all honesty we laughed at ourselves when the idea first came up too. If the truth be told, this exactly the sort of reaction we secretly hoped for. Why, I hear you ask?

Well, we firmly believe that the best fundraising efforts combine a personal challenge that pushes you as far out of your comfort zone as possible and, of course, a fantastic cause to inspire you.

As a trio who have only previously joined athletic forces to complete a fun run (dressed as Santa Clauses!) and a local Dodgeball tournament we are sure we tick the ‘personal challenge’ box. As for our cause, well, we are also certain that it’s on point and will keep us going through all the chafed thighs, freezing river swims and runners’ nipple. We’ll be running, swimming and cycling to raise money and awareness in memory of our incredible friend Johnny who tragically passed away from Encephalitis.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you all and hope in some small way to support everyone else raising money and/or challenging themselves by taking on the world’s largest triathlon this August. Good luck to all of you!